Bringing the world to Indiana and Indiana to the world

The fourth annual America’s Role in the World conference at Indiana University’s School of Global and International Studies in Bloomington convenes on Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22.

Each year, America's Role in the World brings together diplomats, policy experts, journalists, activists, and scholars to discuss the major foreign policy challenges we face, with an eye toward a deeper understanding of how they affect and are affected by domestic developments. Conference guests also address the important role of diplomacy, development, and global engagement as essential pillars of our national security policy.

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America's Role in the World
Dates: Thursday, March 21 – Friday, March 22, 2019

Host: Hamilton Lugar School School of Global & International Studies

Location: Indiana University Bloomington
Global and International Studies Building
355 N. Jordan Ave., Bloomington, IN 47405