Description of the video:

:15-:35 “Not only like what I want to be studying academically, but it’s also a very curious, worldly-minded student body and even though there are many concentrations and many regions and many reasons that people want to be in the Hamilton Lugar school, everyone is curious about what everyone else is doing and they want to know more about parts of the world that they’re not specializing in and I really love that.”

:51-:59 “My experience is that the people here are passionate. Despite having a heavy workload and things that they have to do they really care about the subjects that they’re studying”

1:00-1:07 “If I’m protesting a government, African governments – autocratic governments now have the capacity to shut that down if they want to.”

1:12-1:28 “It’s been amazing. This is going on my third year in the school through my studies of the Russian language and international politics. It’s been a phenomenal experience, so many resources, I’ve made so many great friendships and met so many great professors and intellectuals through my experiences at this school. It’s been a wonderful time.”

1:32-1:43 “IU is really good about bringing the world to IU. It’s really cool that we can even have these people here. Hamilton Lugar cares about its students and providing us with those opportunities of people to speak with.”

1:44-2:04 “We are given the freedom to ask the questions that we want after each panel there is a Q and A. They give maybe twenty minutes for Q and A which is more than most conferences allow for that and they make a great effort to call on the students so it can be a dialogue between students and really to facilitate a great learning experience for the people in this school and at the university.”

2:05-2:22 “Today were the closing statements from the Senator and the Congressman about where we will go in the future and where we stand now, and they were together Democrat and Republican on their optimism for the future.”

2:26-2:31 “We get to put on incredible events we get to highlight what professors are doing. It is an incredible privilege to be able to do that work.”

2:33-2:44 “I think being on this campus and being in a department that’s as focused and as small as HLS is it’s a great opportunity for involvement, for development. Just the intellectual vibe you feel being in this building is so strong.”

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